Rai Ramananda

rrDuring the advent of Sri Chaitanya, the dearth of pure theism in South India was no less than that in the North, due to the narrow sectarianism and rigid caste rules. To deliver the people of the South from those suicidal prejudices and superstitions, the Lord proceeded with one Kalia Krishnadas on His journey to the South. He saw Alvarnath at Brahmargiri, Kurma Deva at Kurmachalam near Chicacole in Vizag district, where He gave deliverance to a Brahmin named Kurma and a Brahmin leper named Vasudeva. The Lord saw Nrsimha Deva at Simhachalam in the same district. He met Rai Ramananda, the then Governor of Vidyanagar, on the bank of the Godavari, and had a long philosophical discourse with him on the summum bonum of human existence and the means of attaining the same. This famous discourse the brightest self-luminous guiding star in the firmament of Vaishnava Philosophy, has been eternaly shining in the Chaitanya Charitamrita.

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