Srila Nayananda Das Babaji Maharaj

Srila Nayananda Das Babaji Maharaj

By Svami B. A. Paramadvaiti
My most humble obeisances unto Srila Nayananda das Babaji Maharaja.

He has entered the eternal lila of Sri Sri Gour Gadadhar and Sri Sri Radha Govindaji.

He was the first disciple of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Prabhupada who I knew who would drive around on his bicycle all around Navadvipa Dham. He used to come frequently to Sri Chaitanya Sarasvat Math to see his godbrother. He was extremely humble. When he came to visit Vrindakunja to give his blessings he would sit down with us and have prasadam.


He also stayed here with Srila Bhakti Promod Puri Maharaja for one week in the room which was like my office. Thesesouls are so kind. They accepted our service and made us feel so comfortable. Babaji Maharaja used to make heartfelt fun. His humor was sweet. His respect was real down from the core of his heart. No envy or jealousy of any kind. Here he was visiting us his god nephews and sharing with us without any restriction. I have associated with so many of the god brothers of my Gurudeva . But his nature was that of a child . He came down to our level to play with us. Boyish you may say just to give us his friendship and love. No reverence please, no formalities, just accept my love. That does not mean that Babaji Maharaja was not serious, preaching, with great knowledge of the scriptures. I remember going with him to my Gurudeva’s tirobhav festival in Krishna Balaram mandir. What a wonderful speech of appreciation he gave. I just want to hug his lotus feet. For him Swami Maharaja was a star whom he had admired from the initial appearance up to the return to Goloka. He was his star. Even though not a member of Swami Maharaja’s mission, he knew many members and generously appreciated their efforts.

He was a nirupati Vaishnava. He could see the problems but only cared for the glorious mercy coming down in so many ways.

He was with the WVA from the very beginning. In the Modi Bhavan in the founding celebration he had already given his loving speech. Though being my god uncle, still I feel him as a dear friend. I was envious of one western sannyasi who had the chance to live with him for six month.

His bhajan, his preaching, his sadhana his all and all love for his Gurudeva.